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February Page 1 – Nick Cimino presents Tips and Tricks for using City Directories in Genealogical Research

January Page 1 – Members Share Tips and Tricks


October, November, and December Newsletters were not published.

September issue

  • Dana Leeds presents “An Introduction To DNA Basics Working With Your Matches: A DNA Toolkit”
  • October is Family History Month
  • October Programs at Clayton Library
  • October 18 All Day Live Webinars
  • October 23 National Archives Virtual Genealogy Fair

July and August Newsletters were not published.

June issue

  • Kevin Kinney, Rosenberg Library archivist, discusses Galveston Texas History Center Collection.
  • BAGSDana Leeds Seminar
  • Apollo program and JSC History Portal
  • Genealogy Facebook groups

May issue

  • League City PD and Shera Lapoint discuss how forensic and genealogy DNA analysis were used to identify cold case victims.
  • D-Day Electronic Field Trip
  • WWII Richard Thomson ceremony
  • Nickname Resources
  • Changes to Dues and Bylaws

April issue

  • Friday, April 26 Devon Noel Lee discusses different ways to organize your research and manage your family trees.
  • Help with pedigree charts
  • Anniversaries D-Day, Apollo 11
  • Your stories, State Conference in Houston
  • Changes to Membership Dues and Bylaws
  • Scrapbooking

March issue

  • Saturday, March 16 Lois Gibson, discusses the use of forensic art, age progressing, and age regressing to locate past and present people of interest.
  • Library exhibit
  • Free access to pay sites
  • Help with pedigree charts
  • TXSGS call for presentations

February issue

  • Friday, February 22 Susan Kaufmand shares tips and suggestions for organizing your research plan before you arrive at a special genealogical repository
  • Cyndi’s List
  • January program recap
  • Photo digitization resources

January issue

  • Sunday, January 13 Doryn Glenn presents Immigration and Naturalization at the Turn of the Century
  • May meeting, we need your tip
  • Holiday Luncheon Photos

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