The Bay Area Genealogical Society publications are:

The BAGS Newsletter is published monthly with information about our Society as well as current and upcoming events and educational opportunities. It also includes information about our volunteers and new members, and details on how to participate in our Members Helping Members sessions and our Special Interest Groups. Genealogical articles by some of our members are also published in the newsletter.

BAGS Quarterlies were published four times a year from December 2001 through December 2013. Since September 2014, BAGS has published a Journal, usually twice each year. These publications contain articles written by many of our members about their genealogy research, family histories, research techniques and tools, and many other topics of interest to genealogists. Some issues also include pedigree charts of some of our members.


Newsletters are available to everyone, including non-members, at no cost from this link, which includes a Table of Contents, by year, for all of our newsletters since 2001.

Quarterlies and Journals are also available to everyone, free for members and at a small cost for non-members. You can search the Quarterlies Table of Contents and the Journal Table of Contents to find the title of articles that might interest you. Make a note of which issue (month and year, plus volume and issue number for journals) that you want.
• Members can access desired Quarterly or Journal issues online by going to the Member’s Only page and clicking on the Journals/Quarterlies link.
• If you are not a member of BAGS, you can order a PDF copy of any issue of a Quarterly or Journal for $10 each. You will need to include the issue information for each publication that you want to receive. Payment is made via PayPal with a PayPal account or a debit/credit card. The publication order form is here.

All BAGS members are invited to submit articles for the Newsletter or Journal. Please contact the respective editor. Guidance for any submissions can be found at Journal Article Submissions Q and A.

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