2004 Newsletters

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  • December Meeting: “Yuletide Memories” Annual Holiday Dinner Party
  • “Filling in Life’s Details” by Neil Miserendino
  • “Seems Like Old Times” by Doug Wilson
  • Ancestors of Jacqueline Kubaneck (Wittschen)


  • November Meeting : Gay Carter: “Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Tools for Planning a Successful Research Trip”
  • “Too Busy for Genealogy During the Holidays” by Neil Miserendino
  • “My First Trip to the Clayton Library” by Mary Martin
  • Freeman Library Display Update – Shirley Lindquist
  • Ancestors of Margaret Campbell McLaren (Mitchell)


  • October Meeting : Gayle L. Sandstedt-Workman on “The Birth of the Railroads in the United States”
  • “What Can You Get For Free?” (part 2) by Neil Miserendino
  • Ancestors of Marvin Leroy Salter-Nottbohm


  • September Meeting : Robert de Berardinis on “Using English Language Finding Aids for Texas Research through the Civil War”
  • “What Can You Get For Free?” (part 1) by Neil Miserendino
  • “Harris County Archives Project” by Judy Henderson
  • Ancestors of Sue Ann Johnston (Knippa)


  • August Meeting: “Show & Tell” and “Pot Luck”
  • VA web site for National Cemeteries
  • “Requesting American Military Records” by Neil Miserendino
  • “Continuing Learning Opportunities for Genealogists” by Alice Braud-Jones
  • Ancestors of Dorothy Jean Griffiths (Crabb)


  • July Meeting: Kathryn Black Morrow will speak on “Seeing What Isn’t There; How to Ask Questions as You Research”
  • “Origin of Surnames – Patronymics” by Neil Miserendino
  • Scrapbooking Class – Doug Wilson
  • Message to the Houston Area Genealogy Community from Mic Barnette
  • Ancestors of Marilyn Sue Atkinson (Ganch)


  • June Meeting: Emily Croom will present “Timely Tools for Genealogists”
  • “MARY SMITH FAY” by Rosanne Allen Frazier
  • “Research Aids: Newspapers in Genealogical Research” by Neil Miserendino
  • Ancestors of Diane Tofte (Kropp)


  • May Meeting: Irene Walters will present “Researching in New York”
  • 2004 BAGS Proposed Bylaw Amendments
  • Ancestors of Mary Louise Leonard (Martin)


  • April Meeting: Loretta “Tommy” Burns will present “Finding Aids for our Confederate Ancestors”
  • “Research at the Library of Virginia” (why I switched on my way to the National Archives) by Dick Warren
  • “Do you have a time capsule?” by Neil Miserendino
  • Indiana Offerings
  • Ancestors of Kathryn Rosanne Allen (Frazier)


  • March Meeting: Margie Lowe will present “Genealogy Research using Native American Indian Records”
  • “BAGS Members Visit Salt Lake City” by Doug Wilson
  • “Research in Canada” by Neil Miserendino
  • Ancestors of Mary I. Drummond (Brandhorst)


  • February Meeting: Robert de Berardinis & Marje Harris will present a Program on Genealogical Research Problem Solving
  • “Locating Your Ancestor’s Ship” by Neil Miserendino
  • Ancestors of Loren Kemp Martin


  • January Meeting: Robert de Berardinis will present “New Materials for French Genealogy at Clayton”
  • “Genealogy Research in Ireland” by Neil Miserendino
  • Request from Clayton Library Friends
  • Ancestors of Judyth Anne Hix (Henderson)

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