Membership Application Options

You can use our Membership Application form to join BAGS as a first time member (choose “new member” on the form) or to renew your existing membership (choose “renewal” on the form). If you are applying for a student membership, you must use the paper form and include a copy of your school or college student ID card.

There are two ways you can complete the Membership Application:

  1. Use the on-line form: You may use the on-line form on this page to register and pay on-line. Just scroll down to the form below. The online payment is processed by PayPal but you do not need a actual PayPal account, since PayPal will accept most any credit or debit card. Of course you can use your PayPal balance if you have a PayPal account.
  2. Use a paper form. You can print the PDF version of the membership application and complete the form by hand. When you have filled in the form, you can mail the form with your payment (make check payable to “BAGS”) or you can bring the form and payment to any BAGS general meeting. The mailing address is on top of the form.

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