Virtual BAGS Members Helping Members Research Working Sessions

Want some assistance in working through a research problem?

Mondays at 10am to noon, weekly Zoom session:  Join using a computer or mobile device.  These sessions are designed to provide an avenue for member communication and assistance.  Participants are asked to share their screens and demonstrate recent research discoveries or accomplishments. Members are also encouraged to ask for assistance with roadblocks. Moderators- 1st hour- Nick Cimino, 2nd hour – George Porterfield.  Get Zoom connection details by contacting Nick Cimino.

Mondays at 7:30pm to 8:30pm, weekly Zoom session with Kim Zrubek:  This sessions provide an avenue for members with research needs to get connected to other members that can help.  Get Zoom connection details by contacting Kim Zrubek.

Alternatively, complete the BAGS Help Desk Form and email it to Kim Zrubek, Education Chairman.  She will give you a call to discuss your research need.

These are a great opportunities for assistance on issues such as:

  • Suggestions for searching family in a specific locale
  • Using FamilySearch or Ancestry to find records, build trees, attach supporting records and photos
  • Using specific genealogy software to organize your research
  • Download/upload family, GEDCOM, or DNA information.
  • Which DNA test to take or interpreting DNA test results
  • Formatting assistance in OpenOffice or Word for self-publishing
  • Digitize your records, photos, and memorabilia

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